You Just Installed Photoshop CS3 – Now What?

Q. I just installed Photoshop CS3, is there anything I can use it for to make some money?

When I get asked that question, my coaching skills kick in and I start pulling out my entrepreneurial cap. The first thing I think about is all the people who ask me for minisites, headers, footers and ecover art.

Just because you don’t know how to use the software, does not mean you can’t make money with it. It turns out that some very industrious people created action scripts that they can use to make anything that they desire.

Basically what an action script does is repeat a set group of actions with the starting image in the template. These actions can be anything from shrinking the size of an image to making it into a hot air balloon. The main thing to remember is that you just have to edit the template that the action creates for you como dibujar un delfin.

First Things First

Once you have installed the actions into Photoshop, you simply start with no open documents. You find the action script that you are looking for. Let’s choose the eBook cover. Then you select it and click the play arrow, and the script starts out by opening a template for you to edit.

Make note of the layers, and then make your changes to the template, flatten the layers back into the ones that you originally had, making sure to select the items that are all in the same section.

For example, on our eBook cover, we might have layers named front cover and spine. First you would add the cover text, a photo of the author, some related graphics from istockphoto.com and the author’s name. You would select all of those layers and merge them into one layer. Then you would rename that layer front cover again, since Photoshop does not ask you if you want to name it a particular name from the layers you just merged.

You would repeat this with the spine, and then merge those layers and rename the resulting layer spine. At this point you have made your ecover in flat form, and all you have to do it run the script again. Just click on the little play button and the action script does its thing and you have a finished eBook cover! All that is remaining to do is save it as the name you want to give it and export it to a format that you can use on the web.

Build It And They Will Want Graphics For It

Now that you are able to easily make graphics for yourself, you should be able to find others who also need graphics done. With these action scripts, you can be the person they call on to make all of their cover art. As you get better at using the scripts, and you find more complex ones, you will be able to offer your customers even more. So now that you have installed your Photoshop CS3, what are you going to make next?

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